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Demonstrative Evidence and Exhibits

Stutchman Forensic Laboratory prepares professional quality exhibits and demonstrative evidence for hearings, trials and other proceedings. Exhibits vary to our client's needs but often consist of media and formats such as:

  • Maps,
  • Charts,
  • Diagrams,
  • Photographic enlargements,
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations,
  • Video presentations,
  • Photo enlargement,
  • PowerPoint presentations,
  • Recordings,
  • and other formats or media as specified.

This expert demonstrative evidence and exhibits are often critical to trials, hearings, arbitrations, and other legal proceedings (for both prosecution and defense needs). We also offer Expert Testimony that has resulted in excellent references and testimonials.

As experienced expert analysts, our highly trained and qualified forensics team uses top of the line hardware and software technology to carefully handle and thoroughly analyze your evidence audio, video, and photographic media. We can isolate, separate, enhance, and authenticate all relevant aspects of audio and video recordings in order to produce expert evidence backed by many years of master experience. As an expert witness in the courtroom, our testimony from the witness stand will contain provable facts and relevant demonstrative evidence that can often make or break a case.

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Relevant areas of Demonstrative Evidence include Surveillance Video Enhancement, Video Authenticity Analysis, Forensic Image Analysis, Analysis of Video Events, Video Tape Authenticity, Video Tape Event Analysis, Demultiplexing & Clarification of Security Videos, Identification of Suspects Faces and Vehicles and License Plates in Video or Photographic Images, Authenticity or Integrity of a Forensic Image (photograph or video), Analysis to determine if material has been deleted, added, altered or changed in the image, Forensic Image Integrity Analysis, Photogrammetry Measurements (photographic and video), Reverse Projection Photogrammetry, Aerial Photographs, Accident Reconstruction, Professional Quality Exhibits and Demonstrative Evidence (for trials, hearings, arbitrations, and other legal proceedings), Forensic Photography (Accidents, Crime Scenes, Injuries, and Physical Evidence), Commercial Photography, Photographic Analysis, Still Photos from Video Tapes, Forensic Imaging Professional Expert Testimony (State and Federal Courts, Criminal Hearings and Courtroom Trials, Civil Hearing and Trials, Depositions, Arbitrations), Audio Forensics, Audio Enhancement, Voice Identification, Audio Video, Voice Comparison, Voice ID, Audio Authentication and Authenticity Analysis, Audio Expert, Audio Analysis for Timing and Sequence of Events, Expert Witness, Tape Analysis, Audio Acoustical Analysis and Sound Measurement, Forensic Tape Analysis, Audio, Forensic Transcription Services, Voice Recognition, Gun Shots and Gun Shot Analysis.

We provide services nationwide across the United States of America in cities such as Sacramento, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Anchorage, Seattle, San Diego, Portland, Honolulu, New York, Denver, Tampa, and many others.

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